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Meet Us

Our Board of Directors has a wide range of skills and interests but we are all united through our commitment to education, our conviction in the power and potential of youth, our belief in civic engagement, and the striving towards a better tomorrow.

Alec Lemaire, B.Sc. Hons

Education and community are the two forces that have most inspired who I am today and I believe these are our best tools to ensure our world remains healthy, secure, and full of opportunity.

Indeed, it was community support (in the form of a scholarship) that enabled me to attend university and would provide the initial impetus for the Global Citizenship Academy. And although I graduated with an honors degree in biology, for my final thesis I successfully persuaded the administration to let me explore education and curriculum development. This dissertation, which culminated in the development of an undergraduate independent study unit, advocated for civic engagement as a means to broaden one's social awareness and received publication in an academic journal.

After college I departed for Europe on an extended bicycle tour, an experience that would leave me enamored by the continent's cultural & historical richness and which has kept me in Europe since. Over the last five years I have been fortunate to share my passion for learning and community through organizing and directing multi-week educational tours for thousands of international students travelling across Europe. These experiences have continued to reinforce my conviction in the power of education and community and in the capacity of youth. Ultimately, it was these experiences, in conjunction with a growing concern about what sort of world our future generations may inherit that has inspired the vision of the Global Citizenship Academy.

Byron Cunningham

Before I became the President and Chief Executive Officer of Planet Bean Coffee in 2007 I had over 17 years of sales, marketing and management experience in the consumer packaged goods industry. I bring a diverse understanding of market trends and my work lends to my belief in the power of person to person initiatives, an important aspect of the Global Citizenship Academy. 

In addition to my role as Vice-chair for the Global Citizenship Academy, I acted as Vice Chairperson on the board of directors of the Ontario Natural Food Co-operative, a leading distributor of organic foods in Ontario with sales over $50 million CAD, until June 2017. Presently I also sit as Co-Chairperson of the Beechwood, Chadwick, Hearn Neighborhood group in Guelph, Ontario. 

Brad Odice, MA

After earning my bachelor’s degree in English Education at the University of Iowa in 2003, I eventually completed a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Colorado Denver. As a secondary English teacher for 12 years in the south suburbs of Denver, I have developed a passion in developing student leaders. In 2014, I helped write and implement a district-wide leadership class called Global Learners and Leaders. This elective course utilizes the Design Thinking process as a way to help students identify and solve issues in local and global communities. Having been appointed as the new student council adviser this year, I continue to work with high school leaders. As a board member for the Global Citizenship Academy, my hope is to turn a vision into reality for both the Founders as well as the students.

Laura Craig, PhD

I am the Supervisor of Performing Arts in grades K - 12 for a large public school district in central New Jersey. Prior to my current role, I worked in educational administration and as a music and performing arts educator in public school districts in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Vocal Performance with a minor in Music Education from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as well as a Master of Music in Music Education from Boston University and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from New Jersey City University. Currently, I am pursuing a Doctorate of Education from Gwynedd Mercy University in Pennsylvania.

In addition to my work in education, I perform with regional theater companies and with regional and international choral groups, and I serve as a trustee on a not-for-profit Education Foundation dedicated to supporting my public school district. I enjoy travel and find particular pleasure in sharing the joy and importance of these experiences with young students. Outside my career and volunteer obligations, I devote my time to friends and family, particularly to my two young children. I find inspiration in books, music, great theater, and good food and am always eager to embrace the adventures of future travels. 

Teresa Brent, MSA

With an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from Avila University in Kansas City, MO and a Master’s of Science in Administration with an emphasis in Finance from Central Michigan State University, Kansas City, MO campus I have worked for a not-for-profit financial institution for over twenty years in various roles and currently serve as Product Manager for their Web-based account management application. My passions for travel, education and service lend to the mission of the Global Citizenship Academy, and I currently serve on both the Global Citizenship Academy board as A Member at Large and on the board of Love Haiti as a Member at Large. Love Haiti is a not-for-profit organization that provides tuition, uniforms, and books for students in Haiti in addition to sponsoring tutoring at an orphanage and offering a free lunch program at one of their sponsored schools. In my leisure time, I enjoy travel, time spent with my adult children, really great coffee, good books, and visiting local wineries.

Alexandra Malach

I'm a Canadian-American who loves travel. I have been a high school educator for five years and volunteer part of my summer to travel with students. As a mother and educator, I believe in empowering students with experiences and leadership skills they can utilize to better themselves and the world around them; in my experience, travel is the best way to achieve this. I'm excited and grateful to be part of the Global Citizenship Academy.

George Clipp

In 2007 I had the opportunity to study abroad in Melbourne as part of my undergraduate degree. The experience changed and challenged my life in a multitude of ways. Since that experience I have spent a large part of the subsequent decade living and working in Australia, seizing the opportunities that studying overseas presented me with. The ideas and beliefs behind the Global Citizenship Academy resonate immensely with me; continual and cross-cultural education has been a significant part of my life, I now look forward to facilitating such experiences and opportunities for others in the role of Creative Director.

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