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Beyond its capacity to empower our future global leaders to implement far-reaching change, the Global Citizenship Academy has also been designed with extensive internal financial mechanisms that will enable it to generate significant revenue and build additional learning centers. In this context, the GCA represents a powerful and scalable social investment tool, which enables it to multiply the impact of a single donation many times over. Once established the GCA anticipates financing a new learning center every five years.

However, in order to realize the immense benefits of this program—and its sister schools—the GCA will first need to build a dedicated community of Founders. The importance and impact of these donors is difficult to overstate. Through their strategic support of responsible global leaders these individuals can be seen as shrewd philanthropic investors who contributions immeasurably contribute towards global health, security, and prosperity.

All levels of support help to further our mission and annual donors of $20+/month will become Founders and will have their names permanently displayed on our Founders Wall. Presently, the GCA anticipates five years of fundraising and site development before welcoming its first class of global student leaders.



Your Support Will Help


  • Build the Global Citizenship Academy
  • Provide free tuition
  • Empower future global leaders
  • Develop a powerful investment tool that will finance additional learning centers
  • Benefit the local community through the Local Leadership Summer Program 
  • Host educational workshops and conferences


Our goal is 1,000 Founders by July 1, 2019


250 Founders

500 Founders

750 Founders

1,000 Founders

As a registered 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit we maintain financial transparency, are free from invested financial interests, and provide taxable receipts on contributions above $240.

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