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Is tuition really free

Yes! The Global Citizenship Academy will be entirely tuition-free. This will allow the GCA to remain both globally representative and merit-based, which will ensure it realizes an unrivaled cohort of exceptional students who are strategically positioned to drive meaningful change. Additionally, this value-based tuition-free model is designed to introduce students to the virtue of ‘paying it forward’, which promises to both support the GCA's future enrollment and ultimately promote a sense of gratitude and social responsibility among graduates.

Although there will be no direct financial costs to students their acceptance will have conditions:

-Students will be expected to remain a positive and engaged member of the community and to maintain a strong work ethic.

-Students will be expected to contribute 4 hrs/week to the maintenance of the Global Citizenship Academy. This can take the form of cooking, assisting on the farm, landscaping, building, or cleaning. This is designed to promote group work, community cohesion, and networking. 

-Throughout the year, students will be challenged to fundraise 10% (~$4,500) of the tuition costs of a future student. Once the incoming class has been selected, these two students will be put in contact and the older student will help prepare and guide the incoming student. This practice is designed for students to build solidarity across cohorts, to gain experience fundraising, and to tangibly experience the value of ‘paying it forward’.

How will we fund this project

Although the Global Citizenship Academy has been desinged as a powerful financial instrument capable of independently funding additional learning centers it will first require seed money to cover its startup costs and initial operational expenses. These critical investments will be realized through the consolidated efforts of our Founders and various granting bodies. 

However, once established the GCA will increase its financial independence yearly and aims to acheive full financial independence within its first ten years.

The GCA will generate revenue via:
-The Spanish Language and Spanish Studies Program
-Farm Exports
-Green energy sales 
-Program expansion
-Hosting workshops, conferences, and events
-Student fundraising 
-Contributions from alumni 

When will the Global Citizenship Academy open

We hope to open our doors by September 2024; however, this is contingent on funding :)

How do you select students

The Global Citizenship Academy is intended for accomplished students leaders (ie. high academic achievement, exemplary communication skills, self-determination, leadership, a history of service to others) and aims to divide its enrollment equally between the developed and developing world.

Our application process will involve an essay based questionnaire, a curriculum vitae, and letters of reference. Final selection will be achieved through online interviews. 

How many students are accepted

Our greatest resource is our community and our goal is to foster an environment where peer-to-peer & peer-to-facilitator learning can best flourish. Dunbar's Number (~150), reminds us that bigger is not always better and that we are limited in the number of meaningful relationships we can maintain. To accommodate a space most conducive for community cohesion we will maintain a resident population of under 150 (students + staff). However, once we begin financing new enrichment centers our total enrollment numbers will increase considerably. 

How is the curriculum scheduled

The Global Gap Year Enrichment Program will run from early September - April and is divided into two semesters with the semesters separated by a three week break. Each semester accommodates a ten day travel period and the Global Citizenship Academy will offer at-cost group tours during these periods; however, students are also encouraged to use these opportunities to engage in self-directed travel.

During the weekday our academic courses generally run from 0900-1600h and after class students are expected to provide one hour of community service towards the Global Citizenship Academy (cooking, assisting on the farm, landscaping, building, or cleaning). Evenings provide opportunities for engagement with our numerous onsite facilities and for socialization and leisure.

Weekends are opportunities for local travel, for community engagement, and for hosting workshops and guest speakers. Generally the Global Citizenship Academy will organize group travel twice a month and will provide both a guest speaker and a workshop once a month. Our weekend offerings are voluntary, which allows students to further direct their own learning. 

The Spanish Language and Spanish Studies Program will operate between the June-July and the Local Leadership Enrichment Program will operate for three weeks in August.

Who are the teachers

Although hiring instructors is a few years away this is a frequent question and is worthy of elaboration.

We take the responsibility of educating our future global leaders very seriously and have devoted unparalleled resources to secure tachers befitting of our distinguised enrollment.

Perhaps most importantly our teachers are meant to inspire students learning by embodying a lifelong commitment to learning themselves. To facilitate the empowerment of students and our commitment to self-directed learning teachers will not be the traditional ‘givers of information’, but instead will act as guides and provoke students personal learning. 

We aspire to create an environment where students are exposed to a wide range of ideas and perspectives and intend to hire an international and multigenerational mosaic of teachers who will diversity the Global Citizenship Academy and will enrich students perspectives ensuring they are exposed to varied ways of thinking.

We anticipate a teacher to student ratio of ~1:12.

What is the Local Leadership Summer Program

The Global Citizenship Academy is committed to integrating and enriching the local community and one of its larger initiatives will be to provide a three week at-cost leadership program to empower local youth leaders.

The Local Leadership Summer Program (LLSP) is designed to unite and cultivate local student leaders entering their senior year of high-school and its curriculum will be inspired by our Global Gap Year Enrichment Program (GGYEP). Students and staff will reside on site and the program will provide three meals a day. Similar to the GGYEP the LLSP will be celebrated for its ability to connect and enable local leaders through its high quality programming. Furthermore, the GCA will strive to develop financial partnerships with local businesses to create a scholarship fund for all students enrolled in the LLSP.

How are the residences arranged

Students will live in mixed homes with large common spaces for socialization and private bedrooms. 

Staff will also live on site in private residences.

How will meals be served

Our learning kitchen has been designed to ensure students receive nutritious food and develop an appreciation of the culinary arts. Guided by staff, students will take turns preparing group meals that will be served in our community dining area.

Generally our meals will reflect the local Mediterranean environment and the seasonal products harvested from our intergrated farm. This will allow us to explore the food cultures of Spain, France, Italy, Greece, The Levant, and North Africa; however, in consideration of our global enrollment, we will also incorporate cuisine from more distant regions of the world.

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